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KEMtechnology established the first membership mining center in 2017 and established a mining center for GPU stopes such as Ethereum, Hyundai Coin and Bit Cash, and ASIC-type mining equipment. So far, the mining equipment equivalent to 10 million USD have operated.

In addition, we have been concentrating on launching new products due to intensive investment in R & D, and now we are seeking to enter the world market beyond Korea. We have established an eco-friendly immersion IDC Center in Las Vegas, the Middle East, Oman Kazakhstan, and Ethiopia and we plan to operate new equipment

Especially, the new mining equipment of KEMtechnology applies cold water treatment mining system environment, which continuously cools off the heat, and the 100% clean energy by the eco-friendly wind turbine, solar, ESS and container base heat shield skill and local self-sufficient skill, will reduce massive amount of electricity usage of cooling system, so the mining profits will operate to generate more revenue for the members.

KEMtechnology History

We are together with the community living together

  • July, 2017 – Published Mining Specialized Korean Corporation
  • October, 2017 – R&D on new Ethereum based mining (immersion)
  • December, 2017 – Mining revenue of $5 billion (Mining equipment assembling factory and mining factory operation in Ansan, for about 28466.5 sqft.)
  • March, 2018 – Mining revenue of 8 billion (Mining laboratory operation in Yongin, for about 7116.63 sqft)
  • May, 2018 – Business agreement between High Energy Korea and the Mining System (wind turbine, ESS)
  • March, 2018 – Mining revenue of 8 billion (Mining laboratory operation in Yongin, for about 7116.63 sqft)
  • March, 2018 – RES Token Development (based on ERC-20)
  • March, 2018 – VLLC immersion server test completion
  • March, 2018 – Coin Exchange Business Agreement where it is proven that Altcoins can present themselves as modified versions of Bitcoin. Hence, users can invest in altcoins if they’re going to make crypto as a part of their portfolio.
  • October, 2018 – Published Endless Mining, Inc. in Kazakhstan(RES Token launching planned)
  • November, 2018 – VLLC Immersion Server Sample Product Lauch and Trial Performance
  • December, 2018 –RES-M1 Mining Equipment, the World’s First FPGA Equipment, Launch and Trial Performance
  • January, 2019– RES-M1 Commercialization and Sale
  • May, 2019 – RES Token Issue and Coineal Listed on Exchange and some of the best trading robots for crypto trading. Visit https://icowatchlist.com/de/bitcode-ai/ to know about one such trading bot.

KEMtechnology Mining

KEMtechnology ‘s mining service maintains the best performance of the existing GPU and ASIC equipment, and continues to develop and commercialize new technology – based mining equipment.
Types of Mining Equipment Being Operated
1. GPU type equipment (6Way, 12Way, etc.)
2. ASIC Equipment (antminer D3, S9, etc.)
3. New equipment of FPGA type

Problems of Existing Mining Service and Investment Competitiveness of KEMtechnology

Crypto Currency companies need to develop mining equipment to improve the mining of coins. As the mining equipment that is currently circulating in the market focuses only on improving profitability, the power consumption will be relatively high.

For example, it is estimated that the power to be used in this year’s crypto-mining will be 100 megawatts. This power consumption is higher than the household consumption of Icelandic population of 340,000.

In the case of Iceland, 50% of the country’s electricity was exceeded and Digiconomist says the amount of electricity used for bitcoin mining through the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index is equivalent to the power used by 3 million homes in the United States.

Solution and Vision of KEMtechnology

KEMtechnology is developing a product that minimizes power consumption by employing an FPGA chip in order to reduce the power of the existing mining method. In November 2018, we launched a test product, and in the first half of 2019, FPGA products are commercialized and released under the name RES-M1.
Additionally, Mining IDC (Immersion Server) system, which is by eco-friendly wind turbine, solar, hydropower, is applied to RES-M1 Mining Equipment. Furthermore, we will build the world’s first eco-friendly mining infrastructure that uses 100% renewable energy source by applying eco-friendly renewable energy to the electric power supply system using the ESS that controls the peak power

[KEMtechnology RES-M1 – FPGA Miner]

Eco-Friendly Immersion Server

Vapor Liquid Cooling (VLLC) system, which is the next-generation cooling technology, is a system that immerses the system in a non-conductive special liquid to circulate the heat generated by the CPU. It is possible to operate without restriction of heat, dust, noise and installation place. Computers at the IDC Center, which is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, generate a lot of noise, dust and high temperatures. Most IDC centers and mining centers now have large air-cooled fans installed to cool down this kind of heat.

But air-cooled systems are difficult to effectively cool overheated equipment and failure to adequately cool the heat will reduce component performance, shorten life, and, in severe cases, shut down operation.

The company invented Vapor Liquid Loop Cooling a rack type water (oil) cooling system, which monitors the temperature of liquid refrigerant, adjustable using controller, and efficient VLLC server cooling solution that can maintain energy usage or improve energy up to 95%. The system is predicted that the average annual growth rate of global data center market will reach over 40%. In the future, KEMtechnology will establish the Mining IDC Center and will do its best to operate the IDC Center based on the rich experience of the best engineers.

Especially, as a specialized business in managing the management system that meets the needs of customers, KEMtechnology is offering the lowest price at the best time, and will provide various methods and convenience to customers who want future-oriented business.

Furthermore, we are preparing to build IDC and mining centers in Las Vegas, Middle East Oman, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia.

Cooperation is possible for the companies that want to transfer equipment to our IDC and mining centers.

Performance Improvements

Eco-friendly container base IDC Center: Nonconductive liquid / Increase of operation speed = Maximization of mining.
The heat generated by the CPU is circulated and cooled by the radiator. The difference from other company is that the entire system is immersed in a special liquid, twice the performance of conventional water cooling, and about 100 times better than air cooling. Since there is no need to secure the space for installing the cooler, the gap between the CPU and the memory can be reduced to optimize the design. Because the liquid used here is nonconductive, electricity is not passed through and cools the heat, so the operation speed is increased and the electricity rate is low, so it is competitive against existing air-cooled system.

Eco-Friendly Container Base IDC CENTER

A system that immerses equipment in refrigerant and lowers the temperature of the water circulated by the cooler
1. Blocks dust and reduces heat generation.
2. Improve server performance and extend its life expectancy.
3. Creates a pleasant environment due to reduction of noise.
4. It is easy to maintain and reduce the initial facility cost.

A type of water tank containing about 30 pieces of equipment in one case

• Suitable for large equipment operation. Large centers or factories
• Container structure is free from geographical and environmental constraints
• Pivot monitor formation improves utilization and monitor mounting provides intuitive server control.

*** GPU (P106) per stope on 300 sheet = 1 ASCI MINER (6~7Ghash/h)

* 10 mining equipment installation per container
* 10 per container * 300 sheets = 3,000 sheets (P106) standard
* Preexistence 6WAY mining equipment standard = about 500 stopes output amount(60G~70Ghash/h)
** GPU (P106) standard 360 sheets per RES-M1 = 1 ASCI MINER(6~7Ghash/h)
* Install 20 stopes (RES-M1) per container
* 20stopes per container = 7200sheets (P106) standard
* Preexistence 6WAY equipment standard = about 1200 stopes output amount (120G~140Ghash/h)

Container Base RES-M1 IDC Center and Preexistence Mining Equipment Comparison

Anyone can easily mine Cryptocurrency right now!

Step1. Mining Preparation – Step2. Stope setting – Step3. Mining Management

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Our Service

Mining Factory


  • Minimum investment units: Ethereum 4~10 units
  • Minimum installation period: 6 months (minimum compensation system
  • Mining types: Immersion type stope (Ethereum and other 8 types of mining/confidentiality)
  • Please contact us by e-mail below regarding any inquires about consignment fees and mining equipment management.
  • [email protected]

A/S & Management

  • Mining equipment gratuitous A/S = 12 months
  • Consult with customer for malfunction afterwards (in case of simple malfunction, gratuitous A/S supported)

Remote Access

  • All stopes are set to Linux and operate by installing a specialized customer remote control program.

Similar Data Centers VLLC System

VLLC – Similer Introduction to water cooling equipments(Immersion).

Competitiveness of ENDLESS Mining IDC

Summary of WEM COIN

KEM Technology IDC Center

Arranged Location

  • Las Vegas (U.S.) : Licensing Processing
  • Kazakhstan : 24 Jagalaur Rd., Jamble Village, Vide Back Road, South Kazakhstan, zip code 160005 
  • Ethiopia : on processing

Why is KEM Technology advantageous?

KEM Technology can get steady profits without getting accustomed to the up and down of the market.

1. You can expect a larger profit from the rise of the market.

2. Stable asset management is possible even in a market downturn.

Our Features

  • 20 minutes away from downtown Las Vegas Optimum locational and geographical city area
  • Use only electricity that produces its own (wind, solar, hydro) Power production without dependence on national power
  • All systems run on non-Windows, Linux system, So they do not violate Windows system enforcement
  • For the formation of Las Vegas’s largest scale of mining valley which is about 4 acres, starting from 1동, additional arrangement is planned depending on mining machine entering
  • 1:1 set of liquid immersion + 1 protector per mining machine Secure from fire and system stability
  • 24/7 security (drones) ensures stability against robbery
  • Secure fire safety through fire insurance
  • Security camera installation provides real-time view and consignment status to customers
  • In contrast to the majority of other factories operated by leasing factories, reliability increases by self-owned land and factories worth $10million
  • Liquid immersion facility for operation without problems in summer
  • Provide convenience for customers by installing specialized remote management program


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